Hoke’s 2nd birthday! Elmo party

3 Sep

Hoke turned 2 on Aug. 19th,  and we partied Elmo style! We did a small family party with 3 little friends (Henley was one of them) and Hoke had a blast!

I made this Elmo wreath with lots of love.

Now it’s just in my way. If anyone wants it, I’ll sell it to you for a good price! 🙂

When Hoke first saw this, she let out this adorable,

 high pitched, excited, sqeal.

This was an afterthought, but the kids seemed to enjoy it!

I didn’t  actually make these (Whole Foods did)

BUT I did add the Elmo rings:)

The Birthday Girl!

My fun in-laws gave Hoke this pre-school sized trampoline!

Hoke loves it!


Opening presents.

She now sleeps hugging this backpack…

Pin the nose on Elmo

She loves the Sugar water table that Sugar gave her!

Now she feels that she’s allow to dump water on her sister.

Even sweet Auntie Babs got to come!

One Response to “Hoke’s 2nd birthday! Elmo party”

  1. Sugar September 4, 2012 at 12:17 am #

    . Jamie you created the Perfect Birthday Party for Hoke. It was so much fun, you are the Best Moma!! And party planner ever!!!

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