Food For Thought.

24 Jun

Gross. For some reason I hate the expression “food for thought” but I just had to use it, because it really does describe this post!

This past week our family spent the entire  work week at my in-laws house. Thank goodness I love them, because I literally didn’t leave their house for about 4 days!

I know they think we’re crazy for having so many “rules” about the foods we do and DO NOT allow our children to eat.

I promise I try not to be too controlling, but it is SO hard for me to let them eat certain foods containing ingredients I’m unsure about.

 However, my mother-in-law is a gem, and she always asks me if it’s okay for the girls to have something before she gives it to them.

A lot of the time I tell her no, and she is so gracious for not strangling me for being such a stickler.

(Although she may picture it in her head!)  🙂

I always have friends ask me how I know what foods to eat, and one of my favorite tips is…


1) The less ingredients the better.

2) If you don’t know what an ingredient is, then it’s probably not good for you.

Here’s an example of  the benefit of reading labels:

(reduced, low, or non fat almost always means “chemicals added”)


(Whole Foods Brand less than $3)


Jif label

Do you know what all these mean?

Whole Foods 365 Peanut Butter label

It’s kinda blurry, but for ingredients it says, “Peanuts, salt”

Now your speakin’ my language!

**If you don’t have a local Whole Foods, Maranatha is an excellent brand, and is carried in the health food section of most grocery stores.**

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