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12 pack of K-Cups only $2.47 at Harris Teeter! 9/1 ONLY!!

1 Sep

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cups - 24 ct

OMG. I love this deal.

A 12 pack of K-Cups regularly costs $9.45.

VIC customers at Harris Teeter can get a 12 pack of Green Mountain K-cups for only 5.97!

BUT if you’re an eVIC customer (you must already have a VIC card) you get an EXTRA discount of $2 off!! today only (9/1) .

SIGN UP HERE to be an eVIC member.

That makes your price only $3.97 per 12 pack. (limit 4 per household.)

There are 2 coupons available to stack on top of these great savings.

$1.50/2 packs. print here


$1.00/1 pack. print here

I originally planned on buying 4 boxes, using 2 of the $1/1 coupons and 1 of the $1.50/2 coupons. HOWEVER, when I got to the store there were coupons located right under the display of K-CUPS for $3 off 2 boxes. I grabbed 2 of those coupons.

My deal looked like this-

4 K-CUP 12 packs at $9.45

dicount of $3.48 per box for being a VIC member.

discount of $2.00 per box for being an eVIC member.

discount of $6 off of four boxes for using (2) $3/2 boxes coupons.

Total was-

$9.88 for 4 BOXES!!

or $2.47 each!!



$57 in Publix coupons…sign up now!!

22 Jun

It’s that time again…Stocking Spree coupon booklets and now being mailed out! This booklet will arrive in your mailbox and contains $57 of Publix coupons.¬† Sign up here to receive yours ūüôā

These are store coupons, so if you stack them with manufacturer’s coupons and sales at Publix, you can get some really great deals!!

{Whole Foods} Spent $113 SAVED $75!!

15 Jun

Spent $113.37 Saved $75!!

Best deals:

Case of Organic Blueberries- My cost was $21.49 (Originally $59.88) One day sale for $1.99 a pint

Case of Think Thin Bars- My cost was $5.21 (Originally $16.90) I used (10) $1/1 Whole Foods coupons plus the 10% case discount

Kiss My Face Sunscreen-My cost was $10.49 (Originally $19.99) On sale for $15.99. Used $3/1 Facebook coupon and $2.50/1 Whole Foods coupon

Seeds of Change RiceР My cost was 1.39 per box. (Originally $3.39 per box) I used $1/1 Whole Foods coupons and $1/1 printable coupon

Environment Kidz- My cost was $3.50 per box. (sale price) I bought 4. Originally $5.99 a box.


I got other great coupon deals but I have to run out the door to pick up HEN! Those were the best ones though ūüôā

Whole Foods Kiss My Face Sunscreen Deal

10 Jun

I have a Whole Foods deal on Kiss my Face sunscreen that’ll make you want to kiss my face…

Kiss my Face Sunscreen is on sale right now ranging from about $9.99- $16.99 at WF…

Use this $3/1 Facebook coupon


this $2.50/1 WF coupon

to save $5.50 on sunscreen.

This is a great deal!!

(Using just the $3 coupon makes the lipbalms FREE!)



I bought a 14oz bottle of spray lotion. It’s orginally $19.99. It was on sale for $15.99. I used my 2 coupons, so my final price was only $10.49! Thats a great deal on this paraben free, mild sunscreen!!

Target Take 2…Spent $19 SAVED $38!

28 Mar

This is IT. I ‘m done buying toys for my babies for a while. My last 2 shopping trips has allowed me to buy- 2 Ariel princess dolls and 1 Dora Easter DVD for the girls Easter baskets, 1 fisher price wheelies toy for Hoke’s birthday in August, 1 Memory card game for Henley’s birthday next week, 1 Candyland, 1 Cootie game, and 1 Play Doh Swirling Shake Shoppe toy ¬†for the girls’ Christmas, and 1 Chutes and ladder game to DONATE! All in all I spent only $49 and I saved $87!!

I was going to buy my children gifts for these events anyway, so the way I look at it, that’s like MAKING $87, just buy printing coupons.

Chutes and Ladders-

Price after Deal was only $1.79!

Deal Scenario: Price is $7.79. I used (1) $3/1 Target coupon, and (1) $3/1 Manufacturer’s coupon, making my final cost only $1.79!!


Dora Memory Game-

Price after deal was only $1.04!

Deal Scenario: Price is $7.04. I used (1) $3/1 Target coupon, and (1) $3/1 Manufacturer’s coupon, making my final cost only $1.79!!


Play Doh Swirling Shake Shoppe-

Price after deal is only $3.99!

Deal Scenario: Price is $17.00. On sale for $9.99. (1) $3/1 Target coupon, and (1) $3/1 Manufacturer’s coupon, making the final cost $3.99!


Disney Ariel Princess Bathtub doll-

Price after deal was only $12.50!

Price is $24.99, and I used (1) 50% off Target coupon for any Disney Princess item. Final cost was $12.50!



{Shopping this week} 2/22 *happy b-day Emorie*

22 Feb

First- Happy Birthday to my BFF EDB. I love her so much and just had to give her a little blog love!

I did pretty well this week at Publix. I spent $85.24 and saved $49.56! Making my own organic bread and waffles makes THE biggest difference in our weekly grocery bill! We’re saving around $13 a week.


This is almost everything I bought at Publix this week… I left out a 32 oz Powerade that I had a FREE coupon for (DONATE) and I also left out a 10oz box of raisens. I had a doctor’s appointment today, and Hoke literally almost ate ¬†all 10 ounces of raisens while we were there… don’t judge… I pick my battles!

Here is the list of everything I bought…¬† SPENT $85.24 and SAVED $49.56!

My best deals of the day are in red.

*Of course I used my $5 off of a $30 purchase that I receive in the mail each week.


  • Bertolli Olive Oil- $6.99. On sale buy one get 1. I bought 2. $6.99 for 2 or $3.49 each.
  • Alma Organic Fusilli Pasta¬†$1.99 each. On sale Buy 1 get 1. I bought 2. $1.99 for 2 or $1 each.
  • Alma Organic Angel Hair Pasta $1.99 each. On sale Buy 1 get 1. I bought 2. $1.99 for 2 or $1 each.
  • Classic Basil Pesto– $2.99 each. On sale Buy 1 get 1. I bought 1. $1.50.
  • Planters 12 oz. salted peanuts– $3.89 each. On sale Buy 1 get 1. I bought 6 and used (3) $1.50/2 coupons. $0.70 each!!


  • Publix Whole Bean Organic coffee-¬†Originally $6.59. on sale this week for $4.99! (for those of you new to saving… this is really good on organic coffee)
  • Premium Strawberries– Originally $2.99. on sale for $1.67
  • Muir Glen ¬†Organic diced tomatoes & Muir Glen Organic tomato sauce. Originally $1.69 each. On sale for $1.34 each. I used (2) $1/1 Publix Coupons and (1) $1/2 Manufacturer’s coupon. These cost me only $0.19 a can!!
  • Applegate Farms Turkey Breast-¬†Originally $3.99. On sale for $3.50
  • Kashi Bluberry Cluster Cereal-¬†Originally $3.49. On sale for $2.99
  • 1 red onion-¬†on sale for $1.29/lb. ¬†I saved $0.15.¬†My onion cost $0.97.¬†
  • Red Seedless Grapes-¬†On sale for $1.69/lb. My package would have cost $5.87. I saved $1.88. My cost was $3.99
  • Brussels Sprouts ¬†On sale for $1.99/lb. I saved $0.96 Mine cost$2.75
  • Raisens 10 oz.– On sale 2 for $3.$1.50
  • 1 Green Bell PepperOn sale for $1.79/lb. I saved $0.13. Mine cost– $1.16
  • 1 bag of Red Potatoes- On sale for $2.99. I saved $1.70. My cost $2.99
  • Powerade 32oz.– ¬†Regularly $1.25 on sale for $1.00 I used (1) FREE coupon.¬†My price was FREE
Regular Priced with Coupons:
  • Organic Girl Supergreens Organic lettuce- $3.99. I used (1) $0.55/1 coupon. My price was $3.44
  • Stoneyfield Organic 32oz. yogurt- $3.69. I used (1) $0.50/1 coupon. Publix doubled it to $1 off. My price was $2.69
  • Craisens- $3.95. I used (1) $1/1 manufacturer’s coupon. $2.95
NOT ON SALE & no coupons (yuck):
  • 2 Oranges- $2.16
  • Applegate Farms American Cheese- $3.99
  • Greenwise Organic ¬†1% Milk 1/2 gallon- $3.89
  • Greenwise Organic Whole Mile 1 gallon- $5.79
  • Bananas- $0.59/lb. Mine cost- $1.50
  • Publix Mozzerella String Cheese- $4.39
  • 1 Jumbo White Onion- $1.49/lb- $1.13
  • Organic Carrots- $1.29
  • Publix Cotton Balls– $0.97
  • Organic Celery- $2.29
  • Jalapeno Peppers- $2.29/lb– $0.73
¬†My kids LOVE macaroni and cheese. 1 box ¬†used as a side dish will usually last 2 meals for my girls. This week our ¬†organic mac and cheese is $1 a box at Kroger. I didn’t have any Annie’s coupons, but it was still worth running in the store to pick up a few boxes!
Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese (several varieties) only ¬†$1 with card.
Although I didnt make it into WF today, DON’T MISS the THINK THIN deal I talked about last week [here]

{Shopping this week…} Big Savings!

15 Feb

**I’m starting a new segment on my blog called “Shopping this week. ” I hope y’all enjoy!**

Jarrod and I are on the Dave Ramsey financial peace program, and it FEELS. SO. GOOD.¬† I love carrying my little envelopes of cash with me, because the physical act of handing cash to a cashier is so much harder for me that mindlessly swiping my card. Every item I purchase is totally scrutinized before it makes it into my buggy. For me, carrying cash makes my money much more valuable because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Even though I’ve been a couponer for a while, this plan has brought my shopping perspective to a whole new level. I usually do most of my weekly shopping while my girls are in school on Wednesdays, therefore our “grocery week” begins on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday. ¬†This week I’m not going to give an entire run down of my purchases, BUT I am going to hit the highlights so you can snag these too.

I’ve also planned all of our suppers from now through next WED, so I’ll be posting pictures and recipes as the week goes on.

This week’s meals are…

  • Blackened Salmon Soft Tacos
  • Cheesy Polenta and Mushroom Pizza
  • Spinach and Artichoke Baked Pasta
  • Balsamic- Ginger Chicken Lettuce Cups
(I usually only plan 4-5 meals for 7 nights because we’ll have leftovers a couple of nights)

Today’s shopping:


Call me a nerd, but I get the biggest thrill out of shopping the clearance section at Target. I stroll up the the end cap with my huge couponing binder, and I matchup as many deals as I can! I only buy products that I need or that I can get for free to {donate}. Be careful not to buy items that you don’t really need! I snagged these same deals last week, and went back today to get more… the best part is…they were discounted EVEN MORE!

  • 3 bags of All Natural Ricola 30ct. cough drops. Originally $1.96 per bag. On clearance for $0.84 per bag. I bought 3 bags and used (3) $0.75/1 coupons. Making these only $0.09 per bag!!
  • Method Smarty dish dishwashing tabs 20ct. Originally $4.99 per bag. On clearance for $2.48 per bag. I bought 1 bag and used (1) $1/1 coupon. Making this only $1.48!

  • Listerine (large bottle). Originally $4.99. On clearance for $2.48. I bought one bottle and used (1) $1/1 coupon. Making this only $1.48!
  • Bounce dryer bar– Originally $4.27. I used (1) $1.50/1mc. The total price was $2.77. * This wasn’t on sale but I needed it and had a $1.50 off coupon. The bounce dryer bar lasts 2 months, so that’s a total of only $1.38 per month!

I spent: $6.00!

I saved: $ 20.13! (that’s 77%!!)


As always, I used my $5 off a $30 purchase coupon that Publix mails me each week. I mainly bought fruit, veggies, cheese, organic milk blah blah blah. There’s little room for coupons when buying produce, but I always stick with All Natural, Organic, and search for the best deals on those.

My best deals today were:

¬†Finish Powerball Tabs: originally $6.99 each. This week they are on BOGO. Making them $6.99 for two. I saw one of those automatic coupon machines spitting out coupons right under the display. I grabbed (2) $1/1 coupons. Making them $4.99 for 2 OR $2.49 each!! That’s a savings of $8.99!

Lipton tea bags(100 count): originally $3.69 each. This week they are on BOGO. Making them $3.69 for two. I used (2) $0.50/1 coupons. Publix doubles any mc that is $0.50 or less. Therefore this took off $1 per box. This made each box only $0.84!!¬†That’s a savings of $5.69!

On these deals I spent: $6.67!

I saved: $14.48! (that’s 69%)

Whole Foods

Case of Think Thin Crunch Bars {THIS DEAL IS ONGOING THRU 3/31}

There is a pdf coupon for $1/1 Think Thin Bars.

You can download the coupon here and print it as many times as you would like until it expires on 3/31.

Deal Scenario:

Whole Foods has their Think Thin bars on sale for $1.49 per bar. If you buy a case (that’s 10 bars) you get a 10% case discount.

Case price: $14.90

Case price with 10% discount: 13.41

Use (10) $1/1 coupons which saves you $10.00

Total price $3.41 for a case! OR $0.34 per bar!

That’s an $11.49 savings or 78%!

Morning Bliss at Target- Spent $11.38 and saved $21.88!

5 Jan


I must admit, for the last two months I’ve been slipping big time when it comes to my coupons and shopping trips. I never knew how much Thanksgiving, Thyroid Surgery, and Christmas (plus two out of school babies) could throw me off my game!

Henley has become my accountability partner when it comes to going to the gym. After being trapped in the house with me since preschool got out on Dec. 14th, she loves nothing more than to go to the kids’ room at the gym and have some social interaction. As we were running out the door this morning, I remembered I needed a few things at Target. I shoved a few coupons in my pocket and we were out the door. I was THRILLED when we got to the store, and I racked up on these deals…


Spent $11.38 (before tax)

Saved $21.88

  • (2) 32 oz. bottles of Lysol– on sale for $1.87 each. I used a $1/2 mc coupon from the paper. my total cost was only $1.37 per bottle

  • (1) Bounce Dryer bar- ¬†¬†on sale for $2.99. I use a $2.50/1 mc coupon that I received from Vocalpoint. my total cost was only $0.49!¬†

  • (3) Tom’s of Maine Children’s Toothpaste-¬†on sale for only $2.59 per tube. I used (3) $2/1 mc coupons. my total was only $0.59 per tube!
  • (2) Tom’s of Maine Adult Toothpastes-¬†on sale for only $3.69. I used (2) $2/1 mc coupons. my total was only $1.69 per tube!
  • (2) Tom’s of Maine Deodorants-¬†on sale for only $3.50. I used (2) $2/1 mc coupons. my total was only $1.50 per stick!
***Incase you are wondering where the heck I found 7 manufacturers’ coupons for $2 off of Tom’s, I got them from a tearpad at Whole Foods on two different but recent occasions. The tearpad was located on an end cap in the personal hygiene section (close to toothpaste). They didn’t expire until April, and I was holding on to them because I knew that Target’s Tom’s products are always cheaper than they are at Whole Foods.¬†


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