Vegas Vacation

27 May

It feels like forever since I last spent time blogging!  I had an extremely painful (3rd) sinus surgery a few weeks ago, followed by preschool ending with a dried bean stuck up Henley’s nose, and then Jarrod and I immediately left for Vegas for five days! Ever since we got home I. cannot. catch. up.

One of Jarrod’s close friends, Charlie, lives in Vegas, and got married at the J.W. Marriott out there. The resort was so relaxing, and surrounded by gorgeous mountains. The attraction Jarrod wouldn’t stop yaking about is the TPC course at the resort. All I cared about was being at a pool sans babies.

Since the wedding was on Friday we  decided to start our trip Tuesday to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary! We went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon, so we thought it apropos to round out those five years where it all began. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night we stayed at the Cosmopolitan, and couldn’t have been happier. Last time, we stayed at the Wynn, which we loved, but this was a whole new experience.

The highlights of our trip were eating at the SW at the Wynn, going to the cirque show KA, going out with friends to The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay,  the pools at the Cosmo and  J.W., taking the bus to old Vegas, eating at Sushi Samba (my fave when we go to Chicago), and the wedding (duh!). I love out of town weddings because we always make friends that we otherwise wouldn’t  know.

(SIDENOTE: #1: The bride, Nichole, has connections at the Foundation Room, so our entire party got to skip the $30 cover charge, in my world, that’s a HUGE savings!)

(SIDENOTE #2: I got to see Justin Timberlake’s locker at the foundation room, and although he probably never even goes there, I now like to think that we’re friends.)

We had incredible views from out room! I especially loved the view from our terrace on 58th floor…

by day…

by night…

Our room had the BEST view of the Bellagio fountains too…

at the Foundation Room

Justin Timberlake’s locker at the Foundation Room

The gorgeous Newlyweds, Charlie and Nichole

 Mama Goose’s savings in Vegas:

I’m sorry, but when you spend five days in Las Vegas, you’re going to spend a crazy amount of money. However, I did find a few ways to save here and there…

1) We bought breakfast at the airport Starbucks with a gift card I received for being a teacher at our church.

2) We bought another airport meal with a $15 Visa giftcard that AT&T sent us for being loyal customers.

3) After a heinous travel day (think mechanical problems, rerouting, technical errors losing our booking info, being on standby…) Delta gave us $30 in vouchers to eat at the airport, and 5 free alcoholic drinks for the plane ride.

4) Charlie picked us up at the airport instead of taking a cab (about a $40 savings).

5) Then he took us to the store where we bought a case of water for about $6 (one bottle of water was $10 in the hotel) a handle of stoli, and a bottle of cranberry juice to make our own cocktails. (Who knows how much that saved us?!)

6) WE bought $7 bus passes, good for 48 hours, that allowed us to go up and down the strip and to old Vegas. The cab ride to old Vegas would have cost about $20 each way.

7) FREE drinks, dinner, and entertainment at the wedding:) This was our last night, and we were in need of something FREE!

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