Shopping this Week 4/27 {Publix and Target} Big Savings!

27 Apr

This has been a weirdo shopping week for me. I’m such a creature of habit, and I’m out of my routine.

To avoid taking my children to the store while Jarrod was working out of town, my mom picked up a few things for me when she went on her weekly trip (nice huh?!). I’ve made a several small trips to the store here and there, so there aren’t any big noteworthy trips.

I did get a couple of deals that I thought we worth mentioning…


Spent: $16.13

Saved: $40.05!!

Occasionally Publix runs deals called “buy theirs, get ours free.” I usually don’t participate in these deals, because most of the time they’re on items we don’t use. Right now they’re running this deal, and several of these items are organic! This deal is running through 5/02!

Newman’s Own Organic Coffee- On sale for $6.99. I bought one and got the Publix brand of Organic coffee ($6.59) for FREE!! That’s $3.50 per bag– An AMAZING deal on organic coffee. I normally buy the Publix brand greenwise coffee any way, so this was a double bang for my buck! (I’m stocking up on this deal next week!) Savings of $6.59!

Smucker’s Organic Strawberry Preserves- $3.89. I bought one and got the Publix Organic Preserves ($2.99) for FREE!! That’s only $1.94 each! Savings of $2.99!

One of my FAVORITE (again I’m a shameless grocery nerd) things to do is check out clearance sections. My Publix has a rack between the beer section and the frozen pizza section that contains all of the discontinued items. These items are usually deeply discounted, and a lot of times they’ll have beauty products or organic items too! When matched with a coupon, you can land free or very cheap items!  Make sure you check expiration dates-just in case.

Today I spotted these amazing discounts:

Weleda Baby Shampoo and Body wash- Regularly $11.49 on clearance for only $1.50 each. I bought 2. That’s a savings of $19.98!

Weleda Baby Face Cream- Regularly $12.49 on clearance for only $1.50 each. I bought 1. That’s a savings of $10.49!

Nuk Pacifier- Regularly $ 3.69 on clearance for only $0.75. That’s a savings of $2.94!


Spent $7.46

Saved $5.74

GE Lightbulbs (8 bulbs)-  I’ve been seeing on the blogs that Target has their bulbs on sale for $2.99 this week. You can use (1) $1/1 Manufacturer’s printable, and (1) $2/1 Target printable to make them FREE. I didn’t see any bulbs at my Target priced at $2.99 BUT I did see something even better!!

I saw an 8 pack of bulbs Originally $9.99 on CLEARANCE for only $2.98. I used the coupons listed above and got an 8 pack of lightbulbs for FREE! (They still had several of these packs on the shelf at the Target on Columbia Avenue)

Honest Kids Organic Juice Boxes- On sale for only $2.99. I used (1) $1/1 Target printable coupon. My total was  only $1.99.

Bear Naked Granola- Regularly $3.79. On sale for only $2.99. I can usually get this cheaper,  but I didn’t have a coupon and I needed it.

Annie’s Macaroni- On sale for only $1.25 per box

Annie’s Ravioli- On sale for only $1.25 per can

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