Target… Spent $17.33… SAVED $30.31!

17 Apr

Today I hit Target because let’s face it…a rainy day in the house just isn’t the same when you have two little munchkins with you! I HAD to get out! Instead of spending my life away with retail therapy, I got out the coupon book and planned a few deals. I had an AMAZING day at Publix yesterday (almost $100 in savings), but my receipt is so long, I think I’m going to skip doing a post about it! This sale period ends at Publix today anyway, so even if I did a post, it wouldn’t leave enough time for y’all to use my trip as an example…I may try to throw some kind of post together to show tips for your future shopping trips…

Target trip-

I had to recalculate my numbers because my cashier was really generous with the coupons…My actual subtotal was only $14.84 for all of these items, but I can’t for the life of me figure out that total! She scanned one of my coupons twice and just shrugged her shoulders and said “oh well.” There was a $2 off coupon that expired on the 8th, but she took it anyway. Then, when she scanned my mobile coupons, I think she also scanned my paper coupons for the same item…then there were those $2 worth of coupons on an item that I didn’t actually buy (I didn’t catch that until I got home…it was something I really needed too!!)

With all that being said… here are deals you can get RIGHT now at Target even if you don’t have a coupon crazy cashier! (sale prices good thru 4/22)

1) Mossimo Tank top: Regularly $8.00. On sale for $6.00. I used the $3/1 Target printable coupon to make this cami only $3!

2) (3) Cadberry Mini Eggs: Regularly $3.19 each. On sale for only $0.95 each! I used $2/3 EXPIRED coupon (this is the one she said she would take anyway)… SO I got 3 bags for only $0.85!! OR only $0.28 per bag!!

3) (2) Annie’s Gummy Bunnies: Regularly $3.79. On sale for $2.99. I used (2) $0.75/1 coupons. One was a Target mobile coupon and one was a Target printable coupon. Each box ended up costing me only $2.24!

4) Revlon Nail File: Regularly $1.69. I used (1) $2/1 Target printable coupon to get this item FREE!!!

5) (2) California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas: On sale 2/$10. I used (2) printable $1/1 coupons, and (1) $2/2 Target coupons making these pizzas only $6 or $3 each!


Deal Scenario

Buy 1 liquid dishsoap: Sale price is $2.29 (THIS ENDS UP FREE IF YOU BUY ALL OF THE ITEMS IN THIS SCENARIO!)

Buy 2 wipes: Sale price is $2.36 each

Buy 1 bleach: Sale price is 3.79

Use: (1) $1/2 Target printable coupon

Use (1) $1/2 Mobile Coupons

Use: (1) $2/1 Target printable laundry item coupon (includes bleach)

Use: (1) $0.50 mc from the paper

Use: (2) $1/1 facebook printable coupons

After all of the coupons and the FREE dish soap scenario, your items will cost only $0.75 each!!

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