{Shopping this week} KASHI and ALMONDS

16 Mar

Pretty much anyone I came in contact with on Wednesday (aka shopping day) will totally understand why I have zero pictures of my shopping from this week. If you haven’t heard already, Wednesday was a hard mommy day for me. Everyone is healthy, there were no major emergencies, BUT if anything could go wrong, then it did go wrong. Let’s just say the day ended with a crying mommy and a tall glass of wine. I guess it happens to the best of us!

Don’t let that sweet face fool you…

Or this one either…

While I was thinking about it, I did want to let you in on two deals that I thought were pretty good this week:



1) KASHI products- If you don’t know about Recyclebank,  you’re missing out! Here’s the gist: Sign up to be a member of Recyclebank, take short quizzes (4-5 questions), play games, watch short (like 1-2 min) videos, and earn points. Points lead to rewards. My favorite rewards are the HIGH VALUE coupons (but they have other rewards too!)

This week  through Recyclebank, I earned (2) $2/1 Kashi coupons. Publix has Kashi All Natural Frozen Pizzas on sale for $5 each. I used one of my coupons and got the Kashi pizza for only $3!! (They’re normally around $6-$7!) I used my second coupon to buy Kashi cereal. The price was $3.49, so I got a box of Kashi cereal for $1.49! 

I saved $4 with Recyclebank coupons, and it only took me about 10 minutes to earn my points.

(That’s like getting paid $0.4o a minute which would equal $24/hr just to play a few games on Recyclebank…)


2) Blue Diamond Almonds 6 oz. cans– $3.03 per can. This week they are on sale BOGO. You can get 2 cans for $3.03. I bought 4 cans, and use (4) $1/1 coupons from the newspaper. My total for 4 cans was $2.06 or $0.51 each!! That’s a savings of $10.06!





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