6 Mar

I saw this deal with Snapfish on several of the blogs I follow. Through TODAY ONLY 3/6 you can get 100 4×6 prints for $5 SHIPPED!! Use  the promo code MARCHPRINTS at checkout.

I have literally spent my ENTIRE frustrating afternoon trying to get this deal…I spent so much time on it, that I figured I HAD to do a post about it. Now that I have forged my way through, this is something you can snatch up in a mere 5 minutes… (some bloggers give no details!)

**THINGS I LEARNED (after 2 customer support phone calls) THAT MAY MAKE THIS LESS TIME CONSUMING FOR YOU***

1)In order to do this deal, you MUST order 100 prints… no more, no less. The coupon code will come up invalid if you don’t.

2) If you are a first time snapfisher like me, you will also get 20 FREE 4×6 prints. Because of your 20 free prints the coupon code thinks you have only ordered 80 prints (even though you have 100 in your cart)

3) If you are a first time member you must order 120 prints in order to get the MARCHPRINTS promo code

4) Even though everyone, including Snapfish is saying that this only costs $5, my total was $6.53 with state tax and all. However, I think this was an amazing deal seeing as how their normal 3-5 day shipping costs $7!!

If you are anything like me, who hasn’t printed any pictures since Hoke was 6 weeks old, then you may be long overdue for a good photo deal! ENJOY:)


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