Being a Good Steward

11 Jan

Steward Home Rotator

Have you ever read scripture that you’ve read  before, but this time you feel as though it’s speaking to you differently?  There’s a term for this called “rhema”. The Greek meaning for rhema is “utterance” or “things said.” Christians view rhema as “Christs’ words.”  This past Sunday our church started a series on stewardship and what that means as a Christian.  Michael Easley taught a lesson that’s had me thinking ever since I walked out of the service . I always talk about “deals,” donating, and being a “good steward” of our money, but while listening to this message the Lord spoke to me about stewardship in ways that had never occured to me.


I would like to invite you, Christian or not, to watch the service from this past Sunday. I am convinced it will speak to you too. Since we’re just starting the series, you haven’t missed anything. You can follow our series online, or visit one of our many church services. If you would like to visit our church, please feel free to contact me for more info!

Watch the first message from our series here- Fellowship Bible Church- “A Steward is on Guard”

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