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Our tearful trip to make a donation…

5 Jan


I wasn’t the tearful one. Infact, I was quite cheery. My first mistake was putting the bags of donations in the front seat. They were right in the line of sight for two little hoarders who were pleased did NOT want to give their toys away!

Christmas time has come and gone and it was time to purge! This time we weren’t {donating things that I collect from my shopping trips}, rather, Jarrod and I went through and cleared out several toys that have just become dust collectors in our home.

I would like to encourage all of you to do the same. Start this year by de-cluttering your home and helping people who are in need. It’s an easy way to help others, and the only thing you have to spend is time.


The Hoarders

* notice the pouty faces

Hoarder #1 (won’t even look at me)

Hoarder #2 (won’t crack a smile)

If you live in Franklin, I would like to encourage you to donate either your time or your items to Graceworks. They have an amazing mission, and are always looking for help!

Morning Bliss at Target- Spent $11.38 and saved $21.88!

5 Jan


I must admit, for the last two months I’ve been slipping big time when it comes to my coupons and shopping trips. I never knew how much Thanksgiving, Thyroid Surgery, and Christmas (plus two out of school babies) could throw me off my game!

Henley has become my accountability partner when it comes to going to the gym. After being trapped in the house with me since preschool got out on Dec. 14th, she loves nothing more than to go to the kids’ room at the gym and have some social interaction. As we were running out the door this morning, I remembered I needed a few things at Target. I shoved a few coupons in my pocket and we were out the door. I was THRILLED when we got to the store, and I racked up on these deals…


Spent $11.38 (before tax)

Saved $21.88

  • (2) 32 oz. bottles of Lysol– on sale for $1.87 each. I used a $1/2 mc coupon from the paper. my total cost was only $1.37 per bottle

  • (1) Bounce Dryer bar-   on sale for $2.99. I use a $2.50/1 mc coupon that I received from Vocalpoint. my total cost was only $0.49! 

  • (3) Tom’s of Maine Children’s Toothpaste- on sale for only $2.59 per tube. I used (3) $2/1 mc coupons. my total was only $0.59 per tube!
  • (2) Tom’s of Maine Adult Toothpastes- on sale for only $3.69. I used (2) $2/1 mc coupons. my total was only $1.69 per tube!
  • (2) Tom’s of Maine Deodorants- on sale for only $3.50. I used (2) $2/1 mc coupons. my total was only $1.50 per stick!
***Incase you are wondering where the heck I found 7 manufacturers’ coupons for $2 off of Tom’s, I got them from a tearpad at Whole Foods on two different but recent occasions. The tearpad was located on an end cap in the personal hygiene section (close to toothpaste). They didn’t expire until April, and I was holding on to them because I knew that Target’s Tom’s products are always cheaper than they are at Whole Foods. 


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