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Birchbox…To die for…

3 Jan

Birchboxes Ship Free!

My incredibly sweet and observant sister gave me an entire year of Birchboxes as my Christmas gift this year! And by observant I do mean that I texted her the exact instructions for signing me up along with all of my pertinent information!

Birchbox is this really cool online store where you can shop for beauty products. You earn points for purchases and for referring friends (hint hint… Jamie Boyd sent you.) BUT the coolest part is the box that you can sign up for! For only $10 a month you receive a box full of 4-5 large samples of different high end beauty products! You create a beauty profile describing your skin, hair etc., and they will send products based on how you answer! You can sign up on a monthly basis and cancel at any time. If you end up purchasing any full sizes of the items that come in your box, you earn points too! For every 100 points you earn, that’s a $10 credit for you!

I am so excited about this that I can hardly stand it!  It will be Merry Christmas to me once a month for an entire year! YAY!

At home with the baby babes…

3 Jan

Here is just a glimpse into the last month at home with my babies. No school. No working at the church. Just mommy and babies… (and a lot of daddy too) It was very chaotic and unorganized, which isn’t typical of me, but it was so fun!

Going for an afternoon stroll…

Hoke learns to climb into every tiny space available…

Busted! In the cabinet with mommy’s iPhone..

Having a snack…

Hokie trying to kiss her sister…

Hen and Hoke

Once again… Hoke finds a new place to climb!

My Whole Living 28 day Cleanse

3 Jan

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! My little family has had such a great time spending the holidays together,  enjoying each other… BUT I am  ready for some normalcy to come creeping back into our lives! My husband went back to work today, I’ve  been running around town, and my children are FINALLY NAPPING again, and have actually eaten normal meals today. Whew… a routined life feels grand!

I’m on my third day of the Whole Living cleanse and I’m going strong!

This cleanse is all about “clean eating” while avoiding processed food/drinks, added sugar, dairy, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol.

Week 1: Breakfast Menu

Although I shop all natural, organic, and minimally processed foods on a regular basis, it feels so good to cut out all the extras and treat my body to a well deserved detox! I figure that I can do almost anything for 28 days, so I accepted the challenge!

(Not to mention posting about it on my blog is surely going to keep me accountable.)

If you are interested in finding out more visit Whole Living’s Website here!

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