Thanksgiving is gone…Enter Christmas!

28 Nov

Christmas time is here! Does anyone else agree that time moves so much faster once you are an adult?! I can’t figure out what happened to August through November…

Every year we gather for Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family. When I was little I would alway boss my cousins around and create some sort of “Thanksgiving program” to perform in front of our entire extended family (about 40 people). We would alway make Turkeys out of apples and gumdrops. Now that I am an adult, it’s so weird to me that MY children are now the little hams  turkeys at the family functions!!

Exit Thanksgiving:

Henley’s Turkey (with help from Auntie Kendall)

The newest kids at the “Kid table.”

Hoke eating her feast! She eats more than any child I know! Sidenote- My aunt served my children their lunch in foil dishes! She saw it on pinterest, and it was a great idea!

My aunt Lisa and Henley on an “acorn hunt.” Henley and Hoke loved searching for acorns in her yard!

Enter Christmas:

Today while the girls were at school, Jarrod and I got the Christmas tree set up! We are still working on getting  the rest of the house ready, but here’s what we have so far…

My adorable burlap Santa Clause. I bought him at  the store Trinity in Athen, AL.

Our tree

A few of my fave ornaments:

(This is Henley’s favorite!)

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