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Organizing idea!

19 Nov

Every time my girls go to mother’s day out I clean and straighten the house. Two seconds after I pick them up from school the house is destroyed.  Upon walking through the front door there are 2 lunchboxes, 2 backpacks, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 sweaters, 2 lovies,  2 hairbows, and one pacifier immediately thrown on the floor.

One of my Willow House friends just posted this picture and I had to share! This is why I love working for WH…I am in love with all of the products. Ordering 2 of these right away!




Estate Wall Organizer

Estate Wall Organizer

“Modern convenience meets classic attention to detail. Our collection has the look of quality antiques thanks to a special hand-rubbed, burnt-umber finish. Put your walls to work with our wall shelf, equally perfect in the bath or the bedroom with vanity essentials and mementos. Our wall organizer is perfect with magazines, and toilet paper bar is removable so you can use it in any room. Hardware included. :: 10 1/4″” x 4 1/2″” x 18 1/2″” tall, including bar”

Price: $39.96 $25.96

To view online click here!

One Mom’s take on the Estate Wall Organizer:

(This mom must have been tired of the messes too! I love that she kept the toilet paper hook attached to use for backpacks!)

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