What I’m listening to… Alabama Shakes

17 Nov

Alabama Shakes EP Cover Art

When Jarrod and I were dating, he would always go on and on about his  hometown friend Heath who was supposedly some ridiculously talented musician. I never really thought anything about it, because being from Nashville, everyone  is in the music business.

As time went by, I got to know and love Heath (he was one of Jarrod’s groomsmen in the wedding), but still had never heard him play…

Well, I have heard him now, and if you haven’t already, you’re about to.

I had just bought their EP when Jarrod and I were watching T.V. last week, and all of a sudden I heard their song, “I Found You,”  on  a Zale’s commercial!

They’re currently opening shows for the Drive By Truckers, are signed by Rough Trade Records, and have a list of tour dates (a lot of which are sold out!)  Spin magazine just listed “You ain’t alone” by the Alabama Shakes as the number 6 song that you must hear!

Click here to listen to check out more from  the Alabama Shakes

Alabama Shakes on facebook

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