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Blissmo Box

16 Nov

blissmo, eco-friendly products


A little Blissmo info:
what’s in the box?

“Welcome! Each month, expect exceptional organic & eco-friendly products from a mix of established as well as up-and-coming brands. We pack each box with between $25-$50 or more of value — and you’ll get to discover curated products safer for you & better for your planet.”


Mamagoose loves Blissmo because:

Boxes cost only $19 a month, and the value of the box always FAR exceeds the price you pay! Its also like a ” grab bag.” Each month you get to choose from three “themes” of boxes as to which you would like to receive, but you don’t know exactly what will be in the box! I LOVE IT!


Click here to learn more/ sign up to receive the Blissmo box!

Veggie Tales Deals! (Free Dvd’s- DONATE!)

16 Nov

Right now, you can get amazing deals on the Veggie Tales website! Everything is 40% off! Shipping is free on any orders over $30! It is time to load up.

Of course Jarrod and I are kicking ourselves because about 3 weeks ago we ordered several Christmas gifts for our children at full price! However, yesterday I ordered the  Nativity Toy, originally $24.99, for only $14.99 – $5 rebate = $9.99!!.Then we also ordered the Veggie Tales Bible, originally $24.99, for only $14.99. We also added a Christmas ornament onto our order to make our total over $30 (so we could have free shipping). There is a $5 VT rebate available HERE. Buy any 1 of the participating 5 items, and get $5 sent back to you in the mail!    We got $50 of VT gear for only $25!

Chick- fil-A and Veggie Tales have teamed up to offer FREE Dvd’s to children! There are 5 to choose from, although some are sold out, and all you have to do is pay $3.99 shipping!  Click here to see the site! This is a great item to stock up on for birthday parties, Christmas gifts, or to DONATE to your church, or to the Graceworks Christmas Manger (Gracework’s store that allows families to purchase Christmas gifts for a minimal price).

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