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A thrifty fashion blog that I LOVE.

12 Nov


Fashion and Jamie Boyd in the same sentence?  I am pretty sure I am going to have to pry a few of my friends off  the floor with that one… I am the first to admit that I am usually in my “mom” uniform of workout clothes in the summer (workout… who am I kidding?) and jeans with some sort of peanut butter, milk, and play-doh covered shirt the rest of the time. Can someone please remind me that I am only 26?! 

Anyway, one of my guilty pleasures a year or so ago was watching Southern Belles Louisville on the Soap Network. I had a newborn at the time, and I was so entertained by the women on this show. I am  only semi-ashamed to admit that I totally stalked out the cutest girl on the show and facebook friended her.  (I just read that back and it looks worse in writing than it seems in my head)  I promise I wasn’t crazy.  After all, I was in the newborn phase for the second time in two years (I needed some sort of contact with the outside world even if it was living vicariously through an adorable reality star) .

I was drawn to her because I  found her gorgeous, down to earth, super funny, and oh so thrifty! She is a thrift store queen with haute couture taste. Her name is Hadley Hartz and I was thrilled when she started a super cute blog about all of her fashion endeavors.

The picture above is from her latest thrift store find… A real fur coat for only $150!

Read Her Blog and thank me later…

Click the link to view her homepage. Hadley’s Reality.

A few things I use everyday…

12 Nov

Hey y’all!

I just wanted to show you a few WH items that I use around the house almost every day! These particular items are included in the WH gift giving sale this month, and are at lowest price you will ever see them! Now is the time to snag a few for Christmas gifts, host gifts, or for yourself!! Check out out entire Gift Giving Sale HERE. Please “like” Willow House with Jamie Boyd on facebook for all of the latest WH news!

Continental Kitchen: Decorative Towels

Continental Kitchen: Decorative TowelsOur oversized, apron-weight towel set comes with one of each pattern — classic damask and cheery polka dots — perfect for adding a pop of color to your stove front or towel bar. Coordinates with the rest of our Continental Kitchen Collection. Set of two: one of each design. (30” x 20)

Price: $17.96  $8.96

   To view online Click Here

Pixie Measuring SpoonsPixie Measuring Spoons
 Small and mighty, these tiny ceramic spoons are ready for any standard measure. Try them as serving spoons with your cream and sugar, or give them as a hostess gift. (Largest spoon is 5 1/2” x 2”; smallest spoon is 4” x 3/4”) Great Stocking Stuffer!
Price: $19.96 $11.96
Simone Highball (one of my personal faves!)
Simone Highball
 Gorgeous glass stamped with fleurs-de-lis gives our Simone pieces a classic look that’s oh-so-subtly Parisian. We love them paired with our Villa Stoneware. Seam lines and slight variations in the embossed pattern are hallmarks of handblown glass. Dishwasher safe. Set of four. (3 3/4” diameter x 6” tall; holds 16 oz.)
Price: $31.96 $16.96
Carrigan Wine Stoppers 
Carrigan Wine Stoppers
Fantastic accessories to keep on hand at home, stoppers also make excellent gifts. Set of three (1 7/8” x 11/8” x 3 1/4” tall)
Price: $31.96 $18.96

Hyacinth Mixing Bowls

Hyacinth Mixing Bowls

From food prep to service, our functional bowls are perfect and pretty for every occasion. Set of three. One of each size. (Large is 10” diameter x 5 3/8” tall) (Medium is 8 1/2” diameter x 5” tall) (Small is 7 1/8” diameter x 4 5/8” tall)

Price: $64.96 $36.96

To View Online Click Here

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