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So glad to have girls…

11 Nov

Today, 11/11/11 was a milestone for my sweet hen! She got her very first pedi (by me of course!) So far we have destroyed the living room with toys, watched a Christmas Veggie Tales movie twice,  had home pedicures, and baked fresh chocolate chip cookies. Oh and after all that, Jarrod came home for lunch, and Hen looked  him  dead in the face and said, ” Daddy, I like you MORE than mama!” Shot to the heart.

Guess what’s in your food…Is it causing you to be depressed? My Soapbox.

11 Nov

Seriously people…

I was reading an article in News Week yesterday where Dr. Andrew Weil M.D.  was explaining that the human body wasn’t  created to live in post industrial times. It is a proven fact that people who live in the poorest countries are 10 TIMES LESS likely to suffer from depression than those who live in the most affluent countries. It’s amazing isn’t it? Of course his article was backed by tons of research that I don’t have in front of me, but the article was really riveting. Among other reasons for the rise in depression, Dr. Weil points the finger at  processed food. Our bodies were designed to eat “whole” foods, not food that have been stripped apart, added to, dyed, injected, and then packaged to sell to consumers.

I am pretty sure the FDA is a scam, and aside from occasionally preventing  the use of cyanide as a food additive,  they serve no valid purpose (I exaggerate, but with some truth). Feel free to look back at my article that talks about alzheimer’s-causing aluminum used as a filler in baking soda.  While you’re there check out my article on  the same components in anti-freeze that are found in your salad dressing!

My latest discovery  was that the McDonald’s McRib contains the same ingredient that makes up the primary ingredient in yoga mats.  There are 70 ingredients found in the McRib bun alone, and the worst one isn’t even a food, it’s a chemical called azodicarbonamid.  Experts say that it is such a small quantity that it isn’t worth worrying over. Would you  take a bite out of your yoga mat even if it wouldn’t hurt you too bad? What’s worse is  when I ran a simple search for azodicarbonamid in foods, 614 other foods popped up!!


I already know what my skeptic friends (and mother) are going to be thinking…

1) Everything has something in it that will hurt me.

2) It’s too overwhelming to keep up with what’s bad and what’s good for me.

3) There is such a small amount of disgusting chemicals in it that it won’t hurt me.

4) I don’t care.


Well, the above may be true, and ignorance may be bliss, but it is important for people to realize what we put into our bodies day after day… After all, we are what we eat.

I question why people in the poorest countries are 10 times less likely to be depressed than, lets say, Americans? Perhaps its because there isn’t as much stress.  There are no big business meetings, no traffic, no iphones, no email, no dvr, no keeping up with the Kardashians Jones’.  But I do think that there is a significance that people in poorer countries eat from the earth. Yes,there is famine and poverty, but they sure as heck aren’t eating Pop tarts and Twinkies (which by the way don’t have a cream  center…it’s just beef fat.)

I’m just sayin’…

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