My Kroger Trip Spent $35 SAVED $45! (+ got FREE donation items!)

10 Nov

This week I stocked up on several items at Kroger. My babies eat Annie’s macaroni like it’s going out of style, and in anticipation on colder weather, I took advantage of amazing prices on organic broth. I am always making soups and such. Plus I was able to get free items to donate to Graceworks! Click the link to see how you can help at Graceworks this Christmas season!



I got two deals on the Mega Event sale. If you buy 10 participating items, you get $5 off. I bought 20 of those items, so I got $10 off!

I bought 15 boxes on Annies Macaroni. They were on sale for $1.65 a box, but after the Mega Event, the cost was only $0.69 per box! I also had (1) $0.75/2 coupon, so I got one of those boxes FREE!!

I bought 5 boxes of Imagine Organic broth. They were on sale for $2.49 a box. The Mega Event took off $0.50 per box. Then I had (5) $1.00/1 coupons. After Mega event savings and coupons each box cost only $0.99 !!


Not too long ago, Kroger mailed me coupons for a FREE bag of Ruffle Potato Chips, and a FREE package of Oscar Mayer Deli Meat.

I also had (2) coupons for a FREE 2 Liter of Dr. Pepper 10.

Deli Meat  on sale for $3.58… after coupon– FREE

Ruffles Potato Chips regularly $4.29– FREE

(2) 2 Liters of Dr. Pepper 10-on sale for $1.99 each…after coupon- FREE

Non Sale, and No coupon items

Organic Bananas– $0.69/lb @ 3.35 lbs= $2.31

Unique Sales

I saw a coupon on a package of Bear Naked Granola for $2.00 off a 32oz. package of Stoneyfield organic yogurt with the purchase of both items. The Granola was priced lower than it is at Publix and Whole Foods, so I took advantage of this deal…

(1) Bear Naked Granola @ $3.85

(1)  32 oz. Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt @$3.50. I used the $2/1 coupon making the yogurt only $1.50

price for Granola and Yogurt was only $5.35

We love all Natural Tias Chips by Kettle. They are normally $3-$4 a bag. I saw 4 bags on manager’s special (they expire next month) for only $1.49 per bag. I bought 2 bags.

Other Items

Kettle Brand BBQ chips-$3.39 I used $1/1 coupon- total was $2.39

Kettle Brand Salt and Pepper Chips-$3.06 I used $1/1 coupon- total was $2.06

Pacific Organic Tomato Soup (1 quart)- on sale for $3. I used $1/1 coupon- total was $2.00

I bought 32 items

I used $13.25 in MC

I saved $31.68 in Kroger savings

I saved $44.93 (not including sale price savings)

I spent only $35.12 (price includes 9.25% sales tax)




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