Homemade Halloween- Sweet Hoke’s going to be a pumpkin!

28 Oct

Let’s face it…girls are expensive, and so far, I have two of them! I shared in a post a couple of weeks ago about the deal I scored on Henley’s Minnie Mouse costume, but that left one little quandry… What is little sister going to be? Hoke is only 14 months old, she has no idea what Halloween is, and she will never remember whether or not she dressed up. But mommy will remember. Plus she HAS to have a cute costume for pictures right?! I just couldn’t justify spending a ton of money on a costume. Most of them, despite their  price tag, cost about 10 cents to make anyway, and they are probably filled with toxins and Lord knows what else that would cause my children to itch… Enter mommy. I made Hoke’s costume for under $3.50 and it took me only 30 minutes to make.

It’s simple-

1) 1 large green bow that we already had

2) 1 bright orange oversized Hanes T-shirt (child’s size 6-8) ( $3.00)

3) 2 sheets of felt, 1 green and 1 black  (25 cents a sheet)

4) 1 needle, black thread and green thread

Cut out eyes, a nose, and a mouth out of the black felt. Cut out a green leafy neckline out of the green felt. Pin it on the shirt where you would like them to lie. Sew on, and presto. She is going to wear this over a long sleeved T shirt and leggings.  I personally think it turned out pretty cute… or maybe it’s just the baby 🙂


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