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If you have a child in diapers, or if you are about to…

21 Oct


I know that the majority of you could care less about my Pampers points but  it matters to me because I have two children in diapers and it’s practically like a second mortgage every month. It’s time for Pampers to pay me back!  I wish I would have known about gifts to grow points for the first year of Henley’s life, but at least I do now! If you are interested in learning more, click here. If you sign up right now, you earn 100 points! Every time you buy diapers or wipes, there is a sticker inside the package with a 16 digit code. Type those codes into your account and you earn lots of points! Today I used 2,350 of my points to order Hoke a Corolle Calin doll for Christmas. Of course I can’t do anything for Hoke and not do it for Henley, so I was just browsing the internet to price out a second doll. I couldn’t find one below $35! That’s a pretty good reward from pampers if you ask me. As big of a pain as it is to save the stickers and type the codes into the computer, it really does pay off! BTW there are rewards to adults too. I could have gotten a $25 giftcard to Zappos or Groupon, but being the adoring mother that I am, I decided to spend it on my bambinos…  🙂

Oh and also, here’s a diaper deal for you…

Today I went to Publix to buy Pull Ups, Diapers, and wipes…

Pamper’s Cruisers- $25.99

Pamper’s Easy Ups- $10.99

Pampers 3 pack of refill wipes- $6.99


I used (2) of the stocking spree booklets coupons for $5 off of any Pampers diapers

I used the coupon from the Publix ad for, ” buy diapers get the refill wipes free”


So it ended up as:

Pamper’s Cruiser’s- $25.99- $5.00= $20.99

Pamper’s Easy Ups- $10.99- $5.00= $5.99

Pampers 3 pack of refill wipes- $6.99+ FREE= FREE

TOTAL: $26.98!!


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