How to use online deals in your favor…my 2 deals!

29 Sep

okay people, I’m not dead!! I didn’t realize how “easy” it was to blog this summer. Now that we aren’t on our summer schedule, I have been a crazy lady. I wanted to tell y’all about two great deals I got yesterday… These have already expired, but I have been getting several of these lately, and I wanted to let you in on how I am able to get these.


1) Plum District deal- There is a daily deals site that isn’t too different than a Groupon or Living Social other than they sometimes offer incentives for getting friends to join. Not too long ago,they had a promotion going on for a FREE $20 gift card to Trader Joe’s. I had my mother, husband, and one friend sign up to receive their daily deal emails (that’s all that was required), so Plum District sent me the free $20 gift card! Free $$$ baby! (tell them sent you 🙂

2) Plum District deal- I had a friend sign up to receive Plum District emails so they put $10 into my “account.” Yesterday, I received their daily deal email, and was for Halloween Costumes. The deal was $40 of credit to the store for only $25. I used my $10 CREDIT that was in my account to purchase this deal for only $15. Then I immediately ordered a $40 Halloween costume for Henley! All I paid was the $15 for the deal and then the shipping cost.

3) BLISSMO deal- Blissmo is a daily deals site for Organic/green foods, snacks, cleaners, coffee etc. As most of you know I receive a Blissmo box every month. Someone who follows my blog signed up for a Blissmo Deal (thank you) which awarded me an $11 referral fee  in my account. The daily deal yesterday was $20 of  Organic Kaia Brand Food from (better proces than Whole Foods) for only $10. I used my promo code credit to receive this deal FREE! $20 of food for FREE!! I placed my order tonight and ordered  (2) boxes of granola originally $12.99 each on sale for $6.99 each, (2) Bags of Sea Salt and Vinegar Sunflower Seeds for $3.99 each, and (2) bags of lightly salted pumpkin seeds for $3.99 each.  After my $20 credit, I only paid $10.95 out of pocket! (that includes shipping!) I would have paid $47.89 before the sale price and $20 credit! (tell them sent you 🙂


TIPS for deals like this– As annoying as all of those emails can be, it literally PAYS to take the time to read them and then sign your spouse, sister, friend up to receive the emails (have them sign up or get permission to sign them up!)

Once you have a CREDIT or a PROMO code, write it down, remember the amount, and keep your eyes open for deals that the match or cost less than the amount of your code… then you can get deals for FREE.

BONUS- if you get a $10 credit and buy a $10 DEAL, the credit is usually for an amount that’s double the cost!! It feels good to get a $40 costume for $15 oop., or to get a $20 grocery gift card for FREE, or to get $20 of food for FREE!! Just be patient, organized, and spend a few extra minutes a day reading emails!!


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