Vacation’s Over…

20 Sep

Well, we had a lovely vacation at the beach, but we got home Sunday night, and Monday morning the real world just smacked us right in the face! Monday was picture day at school, and while I was frantically trying to get Henley and Hoke ready in their cutest outfits, I was also catching up on dishes, washing clothes, and trying to figure out what in the heck I was going to send in their lunch boxes, because we didn’t  even have any bread. In the shuffle, we had a horrible kitchen accident and Hoke (13 months old) stepped on my Cusinart processor’s blade, and split her foot wide open. My dad was the only person I could get in touch with, and thank the Lord  that he came to help me, or else I would have never made it. My sweet baby ended up strapped in the “papoose” at the doctor’s office with 6 stitches in her foot!  Now it’s Tuesday, and my bags are still not un- packed from the beach, and I haven’t slept but about  2 1/2 hours of the last 24… Hopefully there will be some rest and blogging in my future!!

I have been to Whole Foods twice since I’ve been home. There wasn’t a bar code on the eggs I was buying so the check out girl gave them to me FOR FREE! (that’s like $5 because they were all natural locally farmed eggs). Is that their policy or something?! They are also having a sale on Earth’s Best frozen items $2.39 each, and there is whole food coupon available for $1/1 so I bought 3 boxes of frozen blueberry waffles and ended up paying only $4.17 for them!

Here are a few memories from the past week…

Henley was so uninterested in having her picture made.

Again, she doesn’t see the point in all of the photos…


Wiping the sand out of her mouth…

Day 1 of being “back in the real world.”

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