A “must have” Blissmo Box! FREE! only $3 shipping through tomorrow night only!

30 Aug

Jarrod, the girls and I have started to  REALLY look forward to our Blissmo box every month. This month, you can get one for FREE! This is a portion of an email that I just received from the company…

“…. we’d like to offer you the opportunity to give bliss and offer your friends their first blissmobox for free! They’ll only have to pay the $3 shipping to cover their first box. If they don’t love the box, they can cancel anytime and we’ll even refund their $3!  This limited time offer is only valid through midnight tomorrow and we currently have less than 50 boxes left- so don’t wait to share this super special offer. Send your loved ones this link to get them started: http://www.blissmobox.com/member-referral-special/”
Blissmo is a company that offers monthly boxes filled with all types of organic goodies. You pay only $19 a month, and the value of the box far exceeds that amount. This month the box I am going to receive contains organic coffee, breakfast  items, and morning snacks! It’s value is $52!!

***Don’t forget to tell them that Jamie Boyd thejboyds@gmail.com sent you!***


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