My Target Trip!

9 Aug

Okay, so I know that diaper deals don’t appeal to everybody, BUT just look at my savings from last night!!!


I bought 2 large boxes of Pampers Cruisers @ $35.00 each. My total before coupons and giftcards was $79.63.

I used (2) $5/1 coupons which are VERY RARE! I got them through the Publix Stocking Spree site (no longer available, but you can save the site for future use!) They are for P&G products are intended for use only at Publix, but they are manufacturer’s coupons so they can be used anywhere. This mailer had to be requested and is limited to 1 per person. I ordered one for myself, Jarrod and Mamagoose.

I used a $5 giftcard that I was awarded at a previous trip.

I got a $20 giftcard back (this was advertised in this week’s mailer) for purchasing both of these items.

After all of the savings I spent only $39.63!!!!! ($59.63 out of pocket… the $20 giftcard has to be used in a separate transaction)

That is only $.15 per diaper!



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