August’s WHOLE DEAL booklet!!!

2 Aug

This is a booklet that contains Whole Foods Store Coupons. You can find “The Whole Deal” in Whole Foods stores and  a new version comes out about every 2-3 months.

I recommend that you grab a handful of Whole Deal Booklets when in the store. They are usually good to use for at least a month after they are no longer available.

If you can’t find “the Whole Deal” booklet don’t worry most of the same coupons are available on Whole Foods Website.

Here are the coupons in the August booklet:
$1.00 365 Everday Value Essential Oil 2oz bottle
$1.00 Azalea Feminine Care pads, pantyliners, or tampons
$1.00 Back to Nature Cookies or Crackers
$1.00 Zbar or Zfruit Rope 6pk bar
$1.00 Earth Balance Creamy or Crunchy Peanut Butter or Creamy Almond Butter
$5.00 Garden of Life Vitamin Code 120ct or 240ct
$5.00 Garden of Life RAW Meal or RAW Protein Powder
$1.00 Cascadian Farm Organic Cereal or Granola bars
$1.00/2 64oz Organic Honest Tea or Honest Kids (mix or match)
$3.00 Kiss My Face 16oz or 32oz Natural Moisturizer
$0.50 Lifeway Organi ProBugs 4pk
$1.00 Maranatha Nut Butter
$1.50/2 Envirokidz Organic Gluten Free Cereals or Crispy Rice Bars (min n match)
$1.50 /2 Nature’s Path Organic Toaster Pastries or Granola Bars (mix n match)
$1.00 Organic Valley Original Half&Half
$1.25 Pacific Natural Foods 32oz Organic Almond Non-Dairy Beverage
$1.00 Stonyfield YoKids Cups or Yokids Squeezers Organi Lowfat Yogurt
$1.00 Udi’s Gluten-free or Artican Granolas
$1.25 Nasoya Product
$1.00 Organic Valley Cheese 8oz
$0.50 Vita Coco 1 liter
$2.00 Kyolic,Kyo-Green, Kyo-Dopholus or Moducare Product
$1.00 Organic Valley 1lb butter
$0.50 Lifeway BioKeifr 4pk
$1.00/2 365 Everyday Value Organic Nonfat Yogurt 6oz
$1.00 365 Everyday Value ricotta Cheese 15oz tub
$1.00 365 Everyday Value Organic Dressing 8oz
$1.00 The Origincal Brat Hans Fully Cooked Chicken Breast Strips


thank you Healthy Life Deals!


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