Toddler Time/ Summer Reading at the Library

1 Aug

This summer has been so hot, that we have recently found ourselves seeking refuge at the Williamson County Library. Thank the Lord its literally a 10 minute walk from our house…but it’s like a 1 minute drive. Bet you can figure out quickly how we’ve been traveling! Anyway, Henley, Hoke, my mom, and I have been attending toddler time on Tuesdays at 10 or 11:15. It only lasts about 20 minutes,  its FREE, and the kids get to hear 3 stories, and sing 3 songs. It is such a nice time for Henley to be around other children, and I really enjoy watching how happy this time makes her. Hoke is even entertained too!

The childrens’ library has kid friendly computers, chairs and bookshelves. Each week Henley checks out 5 new library books, attends toddler time, and plays the DORA game on the computer. She doesn’t really understand it yet, but she thinks that its AMAZING that she’s actually aloud to play on the computer and wear the headphones.

The BEST part about her summer experience at the Library was participating in the summer reading program. It ended this past Sunday, but I would highly recommend it for next year. The library gave us a pre-reader’s activity sheet, and we had to complete different items to earn rewards. After completing 10 activities we were awarded a paperback book, and after achieving 10 more we received the book bag that is pictured above. The items were simple such as reading a bedtime story, cooking something together, watching a movie together, saying the alphabet etc. Henley found it so exciting getting to check off items that we completed. It also held me accountable as far as spending quality time with my baby, and teaching her the importance of reading. She is SO proud of her book bag!! She loves putting her library books in it, and then slinging the bag over her little shoulder!


Her book bag also came filled with FREE coupons!! 2 free medium sonic limeades, 2 free ice cream cones at sonic, and 1 free cone at Chik-fil-a!




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