Y’all NEED to check this out! 1/2 off a July Blissmo box! do it, do it, do it!

13 Jul

Blissmo has a monthly Blissmo Box, that is like a CSA for organic and natural products. For just $19 a month (plus $3 shipping, or free shipping if you sign-up for three months or more), you will get a box each month filled with natural and organic products. Blissmo is a daily deals site that offers healthy/organic deals, but they also have their monthly boxes as well.


The July boxes ship on Tuesday. They are sold out if the Summer Snack box, but they still have a few of the Get Outdoors boxes left (valued @ $43!!) I ordered the Get Outdoors box!

I received this in an email today: 

“As a special thank you for being an early blissmobox member, we’re offering you the opportunity to invite your friends to join blissmobox for half-off their July box via this special link:

>> http://www.blissmo.com/member-referral/

Okay y’all this is first come first serve, and would make your box ($43 value) approx $10.50+ $3.00 shipping!! This is the time to try this!!!!


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