Weekend Cooking Sweet Cherry Pie

10 Jul

I cannot stop singing that song “She’s my Cherry Pie.” It’s  1980’s Poison at its peak. The song is really catchy and kind of inappropriate, but after spending the afternoon baking a pie, that is what I am left with; a song stuck in my head, and a delicious, fresh, cherry pie!

I know it isn’t the prettiest pie, but it sure does taste good!!

I used my organic cherries that I picked up at the Whole Foods 1 day sale on Friday. They were $2.99 a pound, and are normally 6.99 pound! It was a great sale- I hope you got to go too!

Tonight we are eating out with my family, but  afterward we are all coming back to my house to eat the pie with vanilla bean ice cream, and watch our t.v shows. Yay for Sunday nights!!

I will gladly post the recipe to the blog if anyone requests it!! (you can comment, or email me at mamagoosecuttinloose@gmail.com)


One Response to “Weekend Cooking Sweet Cherry Pie”

  1. Sugar July 11, 2011 at 6:15 pm #

    That was the BEST PIE EVER!!!!!!! I want the recipe please:)

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