7 Jul

ABC’s show, The Dr’s, drives me crazy, but for some reason it is always on at my house. Usually I will watch bits and pieces of GMA, Regis and Kelly, and The View, as I make breakfast, get dressed, clean the kitchen, do laundry blah blah blah. I guess by the time my day really gets going, I  move on, and forget to turn off the t.v. Back in May I happened to catch a disturbing episode of The Doctors that evaluated what is really in our food. It has taken me this long to find the info, but I pulled this tidbit from a blog I follow called Healthy Life Deals.  Please read her thoughts and look at the link!

“Did you see “The Doctors” Friday, May 6th?  It is so shocking the things that are allowed in our food. Now I would NEVER put antifreeze on my salad. So why would they put propylene glycol in salad dressing??? Propylene Glycol is found in antifreeze, plane de-icer, enamels and varnishes.  Yah I really don’t think it should be in my food.  The FDA says the level salad dressing contain are safe but NO I don’t even want to risk that one.  How about you??   Check your food ingredients I found it listed in some I had in my fridge. Now they are in the trash! 

Did you know that when carbohydate-foods are cooked at very high temperature a cancer causeing compound called Acrylamide forms.  Acrylamide is also found in cigarette smoke.  You will find this in your potato chips and french fries.  Doctors believe that 30% of cancers are caused by dietary sources. “
Read more about what to watch for in your food here.




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    […] I am pretty sure the FDA is a scam, and aside from occasionally preventing  the use of cyanide as a food additive,  they serve no valid purpose (I exaggerate, but with some truth). Feel free to look back at my article that talks about alzheimer’s-causing aluminum used as a filler in baking soda.  While you’re there check out my article on  the same components in anti-freeze that are found in your salad dressing! […]

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