My Target Trip!

6 Jul

Have y’all been missing me today?! I have been busy getting my deals together and dragging my children, sister, and husband all over town to the stores! (I like to knock it out all at once.)


Here is my Target trip from today: I did 2 transactions…here is how and why!

Transaction number 1:


  • (2) Tide Total Care Laundry Detergents- $10.99 each on sale for $8.99 each- I used (2) $3 off coupons from the P&G everyday savings booklet that was in this past Sunday’s newspaper (7/3). This made the total cost of each bottle= $5.99   The subtotal of this transaction was $11.98 and   with taxes my total was $13.18. I saved $11. 


Because I bought 2 of this participating item, I was given a FREE $5 Target gift card.

Transaction number 2:

***these items weren’t on sale and I didn’t have coupons, I just needed them.


The subtotal of these items is: $6.61

The total of these items with tax is: $7.41

My total out OOP- $2.41!

I used the $5 gift card from transaction #1 towards transaction #2’s balance making my oop (out of pocket) total for transaction #2 only $2.41! (which I paid in change hah!)

The total savings from transaction #2 was: $9.00

My total spent at Target today was: $15.59

My total saved at Target today was: $24.00 (including gift card)

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