TOVOLO popsicle molds on sale!

26 Jun

Henley LOVE popsicles, and Hoke’s little gums really enjoy the cold when she is teething. She only has two teeth, but it feels like she is ALWAYS teething! I was concerned about all of the dyes, sugar, and artificial flavors in the majority of popsicles found at the store. We make our own popsicles and fruit bars at home using BPA free Tovolo popsicle molds. Henley loves getting to help, and this way I know EXACTLY what we are eating. I scoured the internet for the best deals, and currently has the molds on sale for $8.99 each (set of 6). These are great to stick in an ice bucket for a sweet treat when you have a party.

***Next I am going to make fruit pops with our leftover peaches from Isom’s Orchard (Athens, AL). When I do this type of pop I will throw peaches, a small amount of lowfat milk, a small amount of plain yogurt, ice, honey, and maybe some flax seed into my processor. I will make a puree and pour them into the mold. Voila! A healthy and sweet treat. Much better than a freezer burned high fructose corn syrup popsicle from Kroger! (and cheaper!) ***

A couple of weeks ago I was able to stock up on different types of Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade at Whole Foods for only $0.24 a bottle. After getting the idea from Kelly Hancock at FP, we poured the lemonade into our molds to make a tart treat!

We are on our second batch of these pops, and I am actually surprised that my children love the lemon-y flavor!




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