ALUMINUM as a filler in your BAKING POWDER?! Educate yourself!

22 Jun
I love love love to bake! I really am revealing my inner mother goose. It makes me feel  special when I have spent time baking something, and people ooh and ahh over it. People will like you better if you serve them yummy homemade food. Proven Fact.

I also like to bake/cook, especially for my babies, because I feel like I KNOW exactly what’s in whatever it is we’re eating. Like I have already mentioned, we are pretty much an organic or all natural foods family, with a few exceptions.

However, I was SHOCKED when I was reading Kelly Hancock’s post  on FP this week about companies using aluminum as a filler in baking powder. Seriously?! Now that I know this, what the $#@! am I supposed to do with the 3450 muffins, breads, and desserts that I have lovingly tucked in my freezer? I am sure no one has died from aluminum in baking powder, but there are MAJOR concerns and indications that aluminum may be linked with Alzheimer’s disease. Both of my husband’s grandmother’s and his great grandmother have suffer(ed) from this disease. This is something my children are predisposed to. As a mother, I am going to do whatever I can to keep exposure to certain toxins, chemicals, etc. as minimal as possible.

I ran to my pantry thinking, “Certainly, MY baking powder doesn’t have aluminum in it!” well… it did.



I have since pitched the old, and bought new! Apparently it’s a big enough deal for Argo to broadcast it all over the front of its label! Where have I been?  It was only $1.45 at Publix (regular price) and now  it is one less thing I  have to worry about when it comes to our food! I just wanted to let you know because I had NO idea! It just goes to show how we really need to educate ourselves about what we are putting into our bodies on a daily basis.


2 Responses to “ALUMINUM as a filler in your BAKING POWDER?! Educate yourself!”


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