Ducks in a Row

21 Jun

I am so happy to finally become an official blogger! I’m the least technically savvy person I know, and that is coming from a someone who’s grandmother turned a laptop on and thought that meant she was on the internet. I am launching this blog as a way to share with family and friends things that are going on in my life and family. This has been a HUGE year of growing for us in so many different ways, and I feel like God has been pressing on my heart to connect with others AND to share what I have been learning. I’m not too sure what all it will entail at the beginning, but I am hoping that I will fall into some sort of routine when it comes to this journey. (routine? who do I think I’m kidding? These summer days with my girls have been the opposite of routine!)

Duckling #1. Probably ignoring mama.

I have named my blog Mama Goose Cuttin’ Loose, because as silly as it may sound, it’s a pretty good representation of what my life is like right now. Obviously, as a stay at home mom, my family is my boss. Primarily, I work for my children. I love being a mommy, and I have an enormous maternal instinct. I am totally a mother goose, especially since I literally have two little babies on my heels at every turn. With that being said, I’m not so much the “mom jeans” soccer mom circa 1992. And you’re not going to catch me in mini van anytime soon. (No offense to my adorable, trendy, mini van driving friends.) That’s where the Mama Goose part comes in; I am not ready to be a Mother Goose, but I’ll be a Mama Goose any day of the week!

Duckling #2 following mama


One Response to “Ducks in a Row”

  1. Sugar June 22, 2011 at 8:35 am #

    I love it !!!! Mama Goose

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